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 This page provides information on pulse length and interval, including how to determine pulse length using a FasCard reader.

Determining Pulse Length

FasCard Reader Diagnostic Screen

Enter the FasCard Diagnostic screen using a Manager card or by power-cycling the card reader and holding all three buttons after the FasCard logo screen appears. Proceed to Diagnostics Menu > Start Diagnostics.

Pulse length can be determined by referencing the 'Coin/:' line of the FasCard reader diagnostic screen when a coin drop is triggered.  As the coin drop is triggered, the Coin line will briefly display the pulse length in milliseconds (e.g. 35ms).  Trigger the coin drop multiple times to establish an average pulse length, which must then be entered into the Equipment Type page on the Admin site.  

Determining Pulse Interval

Determining pulse interval requires a FasCard reader with a properly configured pulse length and requires some trial and error.  To determine the shortest possible interval (and thus shorten the vend time wait for end users), start with an interval of 1000ms and reducing the interval by 100-150ms after each successful test start.  If pulses are being sent by the card reader (relay clicks) but not received by the machine (price does not decrease/machine does not start), the interval may be too short.  The pulse interval must be entered into the Equipment Type page on the Admin site.