This document describes maintenance and daily operation procedures for the Add Value Kiosk. It is not intended to serve as a guide for the end user or laundry customer.

Table of Contents

Standard Operations

This section details standard, day to day operations and functions that the store owner or manager may be expected to perform.  

Collecting the Add Value Kiosk 

Collection Steps
  1. Swipe a Manager or Collector card (Manager card used to generate images above.  Collector card will only have Collect option available).
  2. Select "Collection Menu".
  3. Select "Collect $x.xx".
  4. While the money is being collected, the following screen will appear on the reader.
  5. When finished collecting, touch the screen to return to the idle screen on the reader.

Opening the Add Value Kiosk

Unlocking the Add Value Kiosk Steps
  1. Use the supplied keys to unlock both locks located near the top of the kiosk on the front panel door.
  2. Once unlocked, gently open the front panel door from the top.  It will swing down and come to rest at a 90 degree angle from the kiosk body, allowing internal access.
  3. While the FasCard reader on the Add Value Kiosk displays 'Start Collection Now' screen shown in step 5, open the kiosk.
  4. Remove bill magazine by pressing the yellow button down, and lift the magazine out.  Collect the cash.
  5. Replace bill magazine.
  6. Close and lock Add Value Kiosk front panel door.
  7. Press the screen on the FasCard reader to complete collection.
  8. It will return to the idle screen.

Maintenance Functions

In addition to the standard maintenance and diagnostic functions detailed here: Maintenance and Diagnostic Functions on the FasCard Reader there is also an option to power cycle the bill note acceptor.  Choose 'Reset Bill Acceptor' from the menu and the power to the validator will be power cycled.

Addressing the Add Value Kiosk

The Add Value Kiosk is addressed in the same manner as a standard FasCard reader.  

Additional Information