This page documents the individual components of the FasCard Add Value Kiosk.

Table of Contents

Add Value Cabinet

Part IDDescriptionImage
Shell Cabinet - Build: AVK
for Add Value Kiosk

The Add Value cabinet serves as a secure housing for all of the components listed below.

Bill Note Validator

Part IDDescriptionImage
Bill Note Acceptor (BNA)
MEI AE-2611-U10E
For FasCard Add Value Kiosk

The bill note validator accepts and holds paper currency with a standard capacity of  500 notes.  The (US) bill note validator is capable of accepting currency in any direction and can be configured in either high security or high acceptance mode.  By default kiosks are shipped in high security mode.  The (US) bill note validator is capable of accepting $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20 notes.

FasCard Reader

Part IDDescriptionImage
F1 FasCard Reader
Front/Top Mount
Coins, Credit/Debit, Loyalty

The FasCard reader serves as the primary customer interface for the Add Value Kiosk, allowing customers to add value to an existing Loyalty account using cash or credit/debit.

Power Supply

Part IDDescriptionImage
Power Converter
Shine STV-12-30
MeanWell APV-35-12

The Add Value Kiosk power supply uses standard 120vac and includes a standard 12' grounded power cord.