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Equipment Details

Make: Maytag

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Associated Models


Recommended Tools and Supplies


Install Mounting Hardware

Kit: M12A-001 (Coin and Card)

Part #: C-6801

Desc 1: F2 Reader Mounting Kit

Desc 2: Universal

   Qty: 1

  1. Place the C-6700-TEMP Drill Template on the desired mounting location.

  2. Verify included harnesses will reach desired location without encountering interference from internal machine components.

  3. Refer to FasCard Mounting Guide for further instructions.

Kit: M12B-039 (Card Only - Coin Model)

Part #: C-0913

Desc 1: Drop Cover

Desc 2: Maytag Stack Dryer

   Qty: 1

Part #: C-1062

Desc 1: Nut

Desc 2: 4-40 - Kep

   Qty: 4

Part #: C-5751

Desc 1: Screw

Desc 2: 8-32 x 2-1/2" - Flat

   Qty: 2

Part #: C-6801

Desc 1: F2 Reader Mounting Kit

Desc 2: Universal

   Qty: 1

Part #: C-6936

Desc 1: F2, Sm Vault Mount Bracket

Desc 2:

   Qty: 1

  1. Remove existing coin box and coin drop.

  2. Install the C-0913 Drop Cover in the coin drop opening and secure using the C-1062 Keps Nuts.
  3. Run all reader harnesses through coin vault and then the hole of the C-6936 Vault Bracket.
  4. Bend the side tabs of the C-6936 Vault Bracket outward and install into the coin vault. The tabs should snap into place securing the bracket.

  5. Run all reader harnesses through the central hole of the C-5414 Reader Bracket
  6. Attach the C-5414 Reader Bracket to the C-6936 Vault Bracket using the C-0144 screw so that it is flush with the front panel.

Kit: M12B-057 (Card Only - Card Model)

Part #: C-1066

Desc 1: Nut

Desc 2: M3 x 0.5 - Keps

   Qty: 4

Part #: C-5414

Desc 1: F2 Standard Mounting Bracket

Desc 2: Sheet metal base

   Qty: 1

Part #: C-5416

Desc 1: Screw

Desc 2: 8-32" x 3/8" - Button - Torx

   Qty: 2

Part #: C-5420

Desc 1: Screw

Desc 2: 10-32 x ¼" - Pan

   Qty: 2

Part #: C-6918

Desc 1: Mounting Bracket FasCard

Desc 2: (3 hole pattern)

   Qty: 1

  1. Remove factory card reader interface bracket.

  2. Attach C-5414 Reader Bracket to the C-6918 Mounting Bracket using (2) C-5420 10-32 x 1/4" Pan Screw.
  3. Install the C-6918 Mounting Bracket in the payment device opening and secure using the (2) C-1062 Keps Nuts.
  4. Run all reader harnesses through the center hole in the C-6918 Mounting Bracket.

Connect Power

Kit: P140-002 (Tap Machine Power)

Part #: C-5101

Desc 1: Spade Taps

Desc 2: 18-14 AWG

   Qty: 3

Part #: C-5210

Desc 1: Power Adapter Harness

Desc 2: CGI

   Qty: 1

Part #: C-5500

Desc 1: Power Extension Harness

Desc 2: 25.5"

   Qty: 1

Part #: C-5602R1

Desc 1: Power Converter

Desc 2: SMT-012-018VW

   Qty: 1

  1. Use the C-5101 Spade Taps on the incoming power.
    1. Tap the L1 wire.
    2. Tap the N / L2 wire.
    3. Tap the Ground wire.
  2. Take the C-5210 Power Adapter Harness and connect the red tab connectors to the following wires:
    1. Connect the blue wire to the L1 wire.
    2. Connect the brown wire to the N / L2 wire.
    3. Connect the green/yellow wire to the Ground wire.
  3. Connect the 3-pin connector from the C-5210 Power Adapter Harness to the matching connection on the C-5602R1 Power Converter.
  4. Connect the 4-pin connector from the C-5602R1 Power Converter to the matching connection on the C-5500 Power Extension Harness.

Connect Coin Sense Harness

Kit: S12A-022 (Factory Coin Drop)

Part #: C-6362

Desc 1: Coin Sense Harness

Desc 2: MLG

   Qty: 1

  1. Disconnect the Coin Drop from the Machine Control Assembly.
  2. Connect the C-6362 Coin Sense Harness to the harness connected to the Coin Drop.

Connect Machine Interface Harness

Kit: T150-011 (Pulse - AA3/Debit Connection)

Part #: C-5370

Desc 1: Machine Start Harness

Desc 2: MayTag 8pin

   Qty: 1

  1. Connect the C-5370 Machine Start Harness to the 8-pin J6 harness connection accessible near the coin drop.

Connect and Mount Reader

  1. Feed remaining harness ends through the mounting hole.
  2. Connect the free end of the C-5364 Machine Start Harness to port 2 (Pulse Connection Port) as shown in the image above.
  3. Connect the free end of the C-6362 Coin Sense Harness to port 3 (Coin Sense Harness Connection Port) as shown in the image above.
  4. Connect the free end of the C-5500 Power Harness to port 1.
  5. Secure the FasCard reader to base as described in the FasCard Mounting Guide.

Machine Configuration

  1. Enter Service Mode and navigate to option.
  2. Set option to J.d.
  3. Exit Service Mode.

CCI Software Configuration

Machine Control: Gen1
 Pulse: SingleVend (MLV+) / 24

Additional Resources

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