If an installed LCRF experiences a problem and is no longer operational, the LCRF can be returned to the CCI 'BootStrap' configuration by performing a hardware reset. This hardware reset is accomplished with the following sequence:

Step-by-step guide

Static IP Warning

On LCRFs configured with a static IP, before proceeding make sure that the ISP modem/router are configured to automatically give out IP addresses (DHCP).

If DHCP is not enabled on the modem/router then the LCRF will be unable to obtain an IP address after it is reset. This means it will not be able to download the full configuration from the datacenter and will be unusable.

  1. Disconnect power from the LCRF.
  2. Disconnect the ethernet cables from the LCRF
  3. Depress and hold the 'RES' reset button.
  4. Power up the LCRF.
  5. The 'USR' LED will turn on solid for about 5 seconds and then begin flashing.
  6. Once the LED starts to flash and before it again turns on solid in about 5 seconds, release the reset button.
  7. Keep the LCRF powered up for 60 seconds.
  8. This reset operation will configure the LCRF to the initial CCI 'BootStrap' configuration.
  9. At this point re-execute the sequence described in section "Field Installation of the LCRF"

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