If an installed SAP experiences a problem and is no longer operational, the SAP can be returned to the CCI "SatBoot" configuration by performing a hardware reset. This hardware reset is accomplished with the following sequence:

Step-by-step guide


This procedure should only be performed on satellites that have the "SatBoot" label affixed.

If this is performed on a non-satboot capable unit the device will be reset to factory and must be returned to CCI for reconfiguration.

  1. Disconnect power from the SAP.
  2. Disconnect the ethernet cables from the SAP
  3. Depress and hold the ‘RES’ reset button.
  4. Power up the SAP.
  5. Depending on the hardware version of the 951G:
    1. Legacy version:
      1. The ‘ACT‘ LED will turn on solid for about 5 seconds and then begin flashing.
      2. Once the LED starts to flash and before it again turns on solid in about 5 seconds, release the ‘RES’ button.
    2. Newer Version – These will be identified by a sticker on the unit
      1. Wait for 10 seconds after the power is applied and then release the ‘RES’ button.
    3. Keep the SAP powered up for 60 seconds.
  6. This reset operation will configure the SAP to the initial CCI "BootStrap" configuration.
  7. The SAP will then automatically download and install the latest ‘operational’ configuration. During this sequence it is important to keep the SAP powered up.  This procedure may take up to 15 minutes.
  8. After the downloads and installation are completed, the SAP will automatically become operational.

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