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  • How-To Integrate a POS System With LaundryCard Version 9
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On LaundryCard Verison 9, we have the ability for 3rd party POS systems to utilize our POS API to integrate with our system.

Step-by-step guide

  1. SUP ticket should be created.
  2. Escalated to L2.
  3. L2 will escalate to TelePro.
  4. TelePro needs to create credentials for the 3rd party POS system.
  5. We need:
    1. Username (Example:
    2. Password
    3. Store ID (Example: 123)
    4. Machine Number: 350
  6. We then supply this information to the store to forward to their 3rd party POS contact to complete the integration.

TIP: If they need the API, send them the CCI Point-Of-Sale API Overview.

This method does not work for LaundryCard 8 or below. We no longer develop for those systems.