When attempting to login to Classic POS and swiping the user's LaundryCard, the card number is not being input into the field. MSR is beeping and reacts to card swipes and appears in device manager.

Possible Causes

  1. MSR is not in keyboard mode.
  2. MSR is dirty and requires maintenance.
  3. MSR is malfunctioning.


  1. Open notepad.exe and swipe a card through the MSR. If the MSR is in keyboard mode, you should see a string of numbers with a special character on each end. Example, ";123000000543?"
  2. Follow the following steps to change the MSR from HID mode to keyboard mode. If the program does not have a shortcut on the desktop, check the ELO program directory or use the installation CD that came with the ELO monitor.
  3. Start POS.exe and attempt to login. If characters are appearing, but there are special characters at both ends, reference Classic POS INI to configure the INI file correctly and then reattempt to login to the POS.