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  • Battery Backup is not taking over during power outage
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The devices plugged into the battery backup outlets are not receiving power.

Possible Causes

  1. Battery backup powered off


Check the Battery
  1. Check the battery status LEDs on the front of the Tripp Lite. If the battery charge LED is yellow or red, the battery may not have sufficient charge to run the computer off of battery.
  2. If the battery warning LED is red, then the battery needs to be charged, or replaced.
  3. If the battery warning LED is not illuminated, and the battery charge LED is green, then try swapping the battery pack with a replacement, or with one from a working Tripp Lite. If replacing battery fixes the issue, then the original battery is bad and needs a replacement ordered. If the replacement still does not work, then the Tripp Lite may need to be replaced as the backup is not able to switch over to battery power.